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Green Antarctica

An ASB timeline written by DValdron, in which Antarctica never fully glaciates. The wildlife that evolves there, along with the later appearing local human civilization, is inventive and unique, bizzarely adapted to the extreme conditions… and often incredibly disturbing to the rest of the world.

You can read it here (if you have the guts, since the whole timeline can get pretty eerie at times). Alternatively, you can use the chapter guide available below (it is currently under construction, please be patient).

A nice review can also be found here, on the Alternate History Weekly Update blog. The timeline also has its own Tv Tropes page.


Literary allusions within the timeline

The Tsalal natives themselves take their name and some aspects of their culture from Edgar Allan Poe's famous novel The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket. Jules Verne later wrote an unofficial sequel to Poe's creepy adventure novel, the Sphinx of the Ice Fields.

An alternate version of Howard Phillips Lovecraft appears in the timeline as an intrepid journalist and adventurer who travels Antarctica in order to study the bizarre history and culture of the Tsalal. Many subtle and overt references to the themes of OTL Lovecraft's fantasy/sci-fi horror works appear throughout the timeline.

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