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Shared Worlds

“Shared Worlds” are primarily alternate history (but also sci-fi, fantasy, historical, etc.) Play-By-Post (PBP) games of They can be anything from RPGs to strategies to simulations.

How are they organized ?

Unlike other forums on the Board, the Shared Worlds Forum has three special subforums, each representing one thematically and technically different and specific type of play-by-post game. These are :

Moderated Games - A subforum for moderated games. Games here require moderator approval.

Nation Games - This subforum is for nation games, where each participant takes control of a historical or fictional nation.

Map Games - The subforum for map games, where people play by modifying the same map, usualy one turn at a time.

All other Shared Worlds games that don't fit one of the above three subforums simply go into :

The Master Shared Worlds Forum - The aforementioned main SW Forum, identical to the one you enter when clicking on Shared Worlds in the board's main menu.

For convenience sake, we'll also list frequent game categories that don't have their own subforum and simply appear in the main SW forum. These include :

Roleplaying Games

Other Shared Worlds Games

Are there any exceptions to this ?

A bit. Though most games have been moved to SW over the years, not all of them are in the Shared World Forum.

For instance, DBWI: Well, it looks like the second american civil war is in full swing from the Future History forum was a thread game of a different stripe (primarily of a roleplaying nature). Several other of these unconventional thread games exist, such as August Akuma's World Domination Thread, or the ASB Map games, like End of Dystopia Map Game, American Administration, etc.

Shared Worlds gaming resources

The Shared Worlds Technological Encyclopedia page is a project to aid Shared Worlds members. It is currently on hold.

The Shared Worlds Resources and utilities is a newer page where you can look for things like random generators, calculators, dice rollers, and other resources for map-gaming/nation-gaming and roleplaying, etc.

Official forum description

This forum is for shared worlds: roleplaying scenarios where different people contribute to the development of the same alternate world over time. Use the sandbox for short threads focused on board members.

Only registered members can read this forum.

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