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Points of Divergence : Popular Culture

Points of divergence pertaining to various topics and works of popular culture.

Pop-culture Timelines Core Thread - Dicussion thread that explores potential popular culture PODs, links to other discussion threads about such PODs and allows members to plug their own timelines with a primary focus on pop culture.

The Culture Club: Alternate Pop Culture - A medley of different projects, the first one being an exploration on a different history of the Flash Gordon franchise (note: other members are encouraged to contribute short ideas).

Let's broaden our minds - Cultural mini-TLs

If fads lived up to the hype !

Motion picture (film) PODs

Earliest possible film ?

AH challenge: Tinseltown, Arizona, as an alternate Hollywood

WI No Hollywood ?

Rudolph Valentino lived after 1926

Western Animation PODs

No Disney (1)

No Disney (2)

A world without Disney

WI: No Wizard of Oz film

Films in a Nazi victory or predominantly Fascist dictatorship world

WI: Clark Gable captured for Hitler ?

Orson Wells' Batman movie POD

Orson Wells presents "The Batman"

Challenge: Ed Wood, the master of cinema

WI Elizabeth Taylor is killed with Mike Todd in that plane crash in 1958 ? (OTL she had a persistent cold)

WI: Marilyn Monroe Lives

WI: Studios still owned theaters

Alternate big movie stars in more conservative version of the 1960s

WI both Patton and M*A*S*H* had bombed ?

WI Jean Luc Godard less influential

Francis Ford Coppola and Stanley Kubrick WI ideas

Challenge: The Godfather bombs

1970s The Expendables

Star Wars PODs

Challenge: Improve George Lucas' Career

WI: Batman in Outer Space

No 66' Batman series, The Batman film released in '79 or '80

WI: David Prowse plays Superman

Superman 1978 sets off superhero movies early

Plausibility check: A DC Cinematic Universe in 1978

WI: Walt Disney lives to 80 (1981) ?

The End of the "Animation Age Ghetto"

Star Trek PODs

Gene Roddenberry's "Firefly"

Alternate fate of New World Films

WI: Back To The Future series without Michael J. Fox

A Spiderman movie in the late 1980s

WI Sony did not buy Columbia Pictures Entertainment ?

WI: Indiana Jones IV Gets Made Earlier ?

Earliest possible darker Batman movies and alternate Batman movies

WI: 80s Batman Comedy Film

Jack Nicholson doesn't sign on to "Batman"

Alternate 1990s film ideas

Challenge: Eddie Murphy Has a Better Career

An Alternate Disney Rennaissance

WI: Superhero Film Boom in the 90s

Who should've directed 'Watchmen' circa 1990 ?

WI: Tim Burton doesn't make Batman Returns

DBWI - If William Gibson hadn't written Alien 3

More accurate dinosaurs in Jurassic Park

WI: Iron Man movie in the 90s

Challenge: James Cameron's Titanic (1997) not as huge

Paul Verhoeven adapts "The Forever War" instead of "Starship Troopers"

WI: Kevin Costner not in The Postman

Star Wars PODs

Challenge: Save the Pierce Brosnan era James Bond franchise

Challenge: Save Titan A.E.

British response to U-571

Challenge: Save Cuba Gooding Jr.'s Career

Terry Gilliam directing Batman Begins...

DBWI: Clive Owen not playing James Bond

The Dark Knight if Heath Ledger was still alive

Challenge: Save Green Lantern

A Green Lantern movie more in the vein of Guardians of the Galaxy ?

Challenge: Save Dragonball Evolution

Challenge: Make The Dark Knight Rises as bad as Batman and Robin

Turning infamous flops into succesful hits or blockbusters Core Thread

DBWI: The Worst Sequels Ever Made

Challenge: Some of your favorite films premade into classics

Know of any PODs or POD discussions ? Feel free to add them.

Television broadcasting PODs

Alternate histories of TV shows

Different Actors starring in TV shows

challenge: Make bad TV shows good

Challenge: Alternate US TV networks

WI the DuMont television network had survived ?

CBC adopted the state-based suppertime bulletins from their Aussie counterparts

List of TV networks from ATL countries

Doctor Who PODs

Challenge: Make Lost in Space good

Star Trek PODs

WI No Batman (1966-68) series ?

WI: 1960s Batman not cancelled

WI: Serious Batman TV Show in the 1960s

Challenge: Darkest 1960s Batman TV series possible

Battlestar Galactica PODs

Better 1980s cartoons

Star Trek PODs

Challenge: Save the variety show TV genre

Challenge: Soap opera about the space programme

Buffy the Vampire Slayer starts seven years earlier

Doctor Who PODs

What if both Patton and M*A*S*H* had bombed ?

WI: Japanese Batman show in the 70s

The End of the "Animation Age Ghetto"

WI No Simpsons

WI: Disney's Superheroes

Challenge : Kill Reality Television

Harry Potter and the Small Screen

You are given control of the BBC

What if FR3 was privatized, instead of TF1?

The NHK as the sole national broadcaster of Japan for many years

The ABC retained its monopoly on Australian television

Mexico's Imevisión remained a public broadcaster

1990s Live Action Batman TV Show Casting

The West Wing PODs

Challenge: Keep Firefly flying

Battlestar Galactica PODs

Doctor Who PODs

Challenge: Save the History Channel

WI: The Big Bang Theory picked up on its first pilot ?

Know of any PODs or POD discussions ? Feel free to add them.

Radio broadcasting PODs

Theatre PODs

AH musicals

Star Wars : The Musical

A musical world

Know of any PODs or POD discussions ? Feel free to add them.

Comic book PODs

Board games and tabletop gaming PODs

Videogaming and internet culture PODs

Various combined popcultural PODs

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