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Points of Divergence : Popular Culture

Points of divergence pertaining to various topics and works of popular culture.

Pop-culture Timelines Core Thread - Dicussion thread that explores potential popular culture PODs, links to other discussion threads about such PODs and allows members to plug their own timelines with a primary focus on pop culture.

The Culture Club: Alternate Pop Culture - A medley of different projects, the first one being an exploration on a different history of the Flash Gordon franchise (note: other members are encouraged to contribute short ideas).

Let's broaden our minds - Cultural mini-TLs

If fads lived up to the hype !

Motion picture (film) PODs

Earliest possible film ?

AH challenge: Tinseltown, Arizona, as an alternate Hollywood

WI No Hollywood ?

Rudolph Valentino lived after 1926

Western Animation PODs

No Disney (1)

No Disney (2)

A world without Disney

WI: No Wizard of Oz film

Films in a Nazi victory or predominantly Fascist dictatorship world

WI: Clark Gable captured for Hitler ?

Orson Wells' Batman movie POD

Challenge: Ed Wood, the master of cinema

WI Elizabeth Taylor is killed with Mike Todd in that plane crash in 1958 ? (OTL she had a persistent cold)

WI: Marilyn Monroe Lives

WI: Studios still owned theaters

Alternate big movie stars in more conservative version of the 1960s

WI both Patton and M*A*S*H* had bombed ?

WI Jean Luc Godard less influential

Francis Ford Coppola and Stanley Kubrick WI ideas

Challenge: The Godfather bombs

1970s The Expendables

Star Wars PODs

WI: David Prowse plays Superman

WI: Walt Disney lives to 80 (1981) ?

The End of the "Animation Age Ghetto"

Star Trek PODs

Gene Roddenberry's "Firefly"

Alternate fate of New World Films

WI: Back To The Future series without Michael J. Fox

A Spiderman movie in the late 1980s

WI Sony did not buy Columbia Pictures Entertainment ?

WI: Indiana Jones IV Gets Made Earlier ?

Earliest possible darker Batman movies and alternate Batman movies

Alternate 1990s film ideas

Challenge: Eddie Murphy Has a Better Career

An Alternate Disney Rennaissance

WI: Superhero Film Boom in the 90s

Who should've directed 'Watchmen' circa 1990 ?

More accurate dinosaurs in Jurassic Park

Challenge: James Cameron's Titanic (1997) not as huge

Paul Verhoeven adapts "The Forever War" instead of "Starship Troopers"

WI: Kevin Costner not in The Postman

Star Wars PODs

Challenge: Save the Pierce Brosnan era James Bond franchise

Challenge: Save Titan A.E.

British response to U-571

Challenge: Save Cuba Gooding Jr.'s Career

Terry Gilliam directing Batman Begins...

DBWI: Clive Owen not playing James Bond

The Dark Knight if Heath Ledger was still alive

Challenge: Save Green Lantern

Challenge: Save Dragonball Evolution

Turning infamous flops into succesful hits or blockbusters Core Thread

Know of any PODs or POD discussions ? Feel free to add them.

Television broadcasting PODs

Radio broadcasting PODs

Theatre PODs

AH musicals

Star Wars : The Musical

A musical world

Know of any PODs or POD discussions ? Feel free to add them.

Comic book PODs

Board games and tabletop gaming PODs

Videogaming and internet culture PODs

Various combined popcultural PODs

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