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Voted the most addictive website in the entire universe, it lists every form of media under the sun and every “trope” - characteristic, writing trick, cliché - associated with it.

Despite claims of it covering every form of media, the site consists mostly of references to Doctor Who, Firefly, Star Trek, and Evangelion.

Noted for putting names to things of the 'you know, that thing where…' variety, which is a double-edged sword as they substitute independent thought and other posters see you as a geek.

Zyzzyva introduced the forum to TV Tropes and since then quite a few people (most prominent: Thande and Hendryk, but also Max Sinister and others) have become addicted, which probably makes him a Magnificent Bastard running a Xanatos Gambit, or something.

Also tropes have found their ways into Series episodes, e.g. the title of ”ZE POORLY-DISGUISED PILOT”.

It's the origin of the concept of Swiftian Fae Monarchism.

Thande spearheaded an effort to get the Series on the site as a means of raising awareness, which he codenamed “Operation Death's Head”. As a result, at least one forum member actually discovered through TV Tropes, including LordMoogi. In the wake of Death's Head, TV Tropes now plays host to pages for many of's timelines as well as the Series, see below.

Several TLs now have pages there:

And, of course the The Series, here.

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